Google Released New Update To Structured Data Site Testing Tool

Google has updated the Structure Data Testing Tool and is working on expanding their support for page markups to help webmasters and developers marking up their sites. We have been recommending testing out review entries on the Structured Data Testing Tool to make sure your pages are marked up correctly when using our WordPress reviews plugins.

Rich Snippets Preview Gone

The Testing Tool has been a great help on quickly discover broken markups and errors, however the preview has been gone!


The new updated Testing Tool has no Rich Snippets previews, so practically you won’t be able to see how your site pages will look like in SERPs. (not so good if you ask me!)

Here is how to Structured Data Testing Tool results looks like:

Structured Data Testing Tool

Updating Our Plugins

We already started to work on updating our plugins following Google’s guidelines, you may see some errors in the new Structured Data Testing Tool.

Once our plugins are updated, we will let you know. However, at the mean time you really don’t need to do anything about it, just use the plugin the same way and do not worry, we will get you covered pretty soon.


  1. Hi Hesham,

    This sounds really good. I really like the Author Review plugin. The markup looks really great in the search engines. They look very informative and provides additional information to the visitors. Not to mention, it increases the CTR rate in the search engines. Looking forward to your plugin update.

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