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Writing and publishing reviews is a good idea, ranking your reviews on the first page of Google is great, but what’s more important than that is to actually review and recommend good stuff, never share something spammy with the community!

Search is changing more rapidly than ever

Rich snippets are designed to give users a sense of what a webpage may contain, and help them to discover sites that are relevant to their searches, resulting in higher click-through rates.

Review information such as ratings and descriptions can help users to better identify pages with good content.

Defeat Your Competitors In Search Engine with Honor!

I know, you want the shiny stars to show everywhere, but take it easy here…

This plugin is developed to help you, so you can help others by providing good advice and honest review, please be a responsible person, and make the web a better place! You really don’t want to use the Author hReview plugin on every stupid blog post on your blog! Use it only when you review good stuff!

Review in Google Search Results


Ease of use!

The most noticeable feature of the Author hReview plugin is the ease of use. This plugin make use of meta boxes which allows you to easily insert your review and rating information to your bog posts and pages.

Shortcode & Widgets

The Author hReview plugin make use of WordPress shortcodes to display reviews in several different ways. Shortcodes are useful as they save you a lot of time, and help you design your review layout the best.

Also, there are widgets to display your recent reviews and top reviews on your sidebars in an elegant way.