Getting Started

Installing the Plugin

Just like any other WordPress plugin, but there are a couple of steps required to activate the plugin using your special API license key, please follow these steps:

  • 1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • 2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • 3. Go to your Profile at and generate your API key
  • 4. Add your API key to the plugin settings page and validate it.
  • 5. Start rocking your reviews!

Validation page

Here is how the plugin validation page looks like:


API key

Also, here is how your API key page looks like:


Once you validate the plugin with a valid API key, you will see the plugin settings.

Please, install and activate only one plugin from our package per website, having more than one plugin activate on the same website may cause conflicts.

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The Plugin Settings

Here is overview of the WP Rich Snippets plugin settings page. This page will walk you though configuring the plugin.

General Settings

Under the General Settings tab, you will find Currency, Custom Post Types, Disclaimer and Link Target settings.

The most important part here is the Custom Post Types, it’s highly recommended to create Custom Post Types for your content, this will help you organize your website content.

You can use a plugin like Types to create those types, then you can choose which Custom Post Types to enable the plugin on, this will enable the Rich Snippets post meta box so that you can fill snippets details within your page editor.


Rating Settings

This is a critical part of the WP Rich Snippets plugin settings, it’s where you configure all rating settings. We’ve tried to include notes and a description when needed to make things clear.

One very important thing to know about the WP Rich Snippets plugin is that user reviews functionality depends on the WordPress default commenting system, so comments must be open.

Sometimes when deleting/editing user reviews, you will need to update all user reviews on your website, you can use the Update User Reviews button for that purpose.


Display Settings

There are several Display Settings to control how the Box looks like and which elements to show, however it’s highly recommended to display all elements on your page and make visible for readers (hiding elements is against Google’s guidelines).


Criteria Fields Settings

The Criteria Settings allows you to save time by setting a default set of criteria fields to be used within your reviews. Use the drag and drop functionality to create unlimited number of criteria fields. Once you enable the criteria fields it will show within each new review you are creating. Also, the Update Criteria button will add the criteria fields to all reviews.


Technichal Settings

This section allow you to control the plugin’s scripts and styles loading, and some other technical settings.


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Writing Your First Review

The most noticeable feature of the WP Rich Snippets plugin is the ease of use.  Once you configure the plugin settings; a new post meta box will show in your page editor. The Rich Snippets post meta box allows you to easily insert review and rating details to your blog posts, pages and custom post types.


Start with selecting a Rich Snippets type from the drop list. As you can see below; we’ve got Rich Snippets for Review, Product, Organization and Restaurant covered, and we will be adding more types in the future plugin releases and updates.


Once you select a Rich Snippets type, the required fields will show in the Main tab.

Mostly; fields of the first Main tab are required for the markup to work, so try to fill all fields where it says (Name, Description, and select a rating), then save/publish your post, and you are done. You’ve just created your first review. Yes, it’s super easy!


All other details are not required, but it adds extra markups to your page, which is really good thing.

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Rich Snippets Post Meta

Main – Rich Snippets Types

There are several Rich Snippets types to choose from, simply choose from the drop list the desired type, then decide which review type you want to use and fill the fields on the main tab.

The Main tab fields will change based on the Rich Snippets type you are using!

Review Types

The WP Rich Snippets plugin allows you to choose between different review types to be added to your page markups:

  • Rating: editor star rating.
  • Percentage: editor percentage rating.
  • Vote: user average votes.
  • Aggregate: user aggregate reviews and ratings.

Each review type will display differently in Google’s search results. For Editor Rating or Percentage rating, you must select a star rating or a percentage rating.


This could be the name of the product, service, place,  business, restaurant…etc.


Write a few words that describes the product or service you are reviewing, one short concentrated paragraph is quite enough.



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The WP Rich Snippets plugin allows you to add some extra details to spice up your review post or page via the Rich Snippets post meta box. The Pros and Cons details are optional and it has no effect to the page markups.

In the Details tab, you can add Pros and Cons, enable the display of Cons and Pros, and also enable Disclaimer link to show on the Box.

The disclaimer link should be added via the plugin settings.

You can use simple HTML list in the Pros and Cons fields as the example shown below:


Pros and Cons

Values of Pros and Cons fields are displayed automatically on the entry Box, but you can disable the auto display and use a special shortcode to display it anywhere you want in your entry body. (The shortcode can be found under the Help tab within the plugin settings page).

Pros and Cons shortcodes:

  • Use shortcode [wprs-pros] to display Pros.
  • Use shortcode [wprs-cons] to display Cons.

Pros and Cons should looks like this in your page:



This setting can be used to display a note on the Box with a link to your disclaimer page. (The disclaimer link should be added via the plugin settings) This is a good idea to tell your website visitors about paid reviews if you have any.

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The Price tab is where you can add the price of product, service or other reviewed items. If the item has only one price, then fill the Low price field. Some items has more than once price, in this case fill the Low and High price fields.

When using Restaurant Rich Snippets type you can use value of $$ or $$$ symbols for various prices.

Price value should be in this format: 0.00


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The WP Rich Snippets plugin supports Address and Google Maps via a a simple iframe embed HTML code. Also, it support Phone number.

This functionality works for specific Rich Snippets types, for example Local Business, Restaurants…etc.


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The WordPress Rich Snippets plugin supports working/opening hours markups for Rich Snippets. The Hours tab allows you to define sets of opening Hours via an easy to use drag and drop interface. You can sort fields too if needed.

This functionality works for specific Rich Snippets types, for example Local Business, Restaurants…etc.


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The Display tab allows you to customize how the Media should display on the Box. You can be creative on this one, really!

You can display a simple product image, photo gallery, built-on image sliders, YouTube video and even use a shortcode for a third-party image slider.

Fields override each other in a descending order, this means if you uploaded an image then decided to use a YouTube video, the video will override the image and other fields below it.


When using YouTube videos, the video thumbnail will be used automatically in the plugin add-ons.

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The Link tab allows you to add a Call-To-Action buttons to the Box, which increase your page CTR and conversion.

You can also control button links behavior, for example open links in a new window or remove the nofollow tag, plus change the button text for this specific entry.


You can change button colors via the plugin settings page.

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The WP Rich Snippets plugin allows you to add criteria fields to your entry, these criteria fields do not effect markups, but it demonstrate features visually in a nice and catchy way. It’s also used via some of the plugin add-ons for example to compare items.


You can create unlimited Criteria fields for your entry, all fields are sort-able.

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The plugin uses the post Author name by default. In some cases you will need to use a different Author name for your review, the Author field can override the default post author name.


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