Writing Your First Review

The most noticeable feature of the WP Rich Snippets plugin is the ease of use.  Once you configure the plugin settings; a new post meta box will show in your page editor. The Rich Snippets post meta box allows you to easily insert review and rating details to your blog posts, pages and custom post types.


Start with selecting a Rich Snippets type from the drop list. As you can see below; we’ve got Rich Snippets for Review, Product, Organization and Restaurant covered, and we will be adding more types in the future plugin releases and updates.


Once you select a Rich Snippets type, the required fields will show in the Main tab.

Mostly; fields of the first Main tab are required for the markup to work, so try to fill all fields where it says (Name, Description, and select a rating), then save/publish your post, and you are done. You’ve just created your first review. Yes, it’s super easy!


All other details are not required, but it adds extra markups to your page, which is really good thing.