WPR Display Settings

The review display settings tab gives you control over how a specific review will look like, whither you would like to choose a specific template for the rating box, add an image of the product to your review, use a shortcode to display the rating information, or just keep things simple.

Review display settings

Rating box templates

There is only one template at this time, the default template. I will be adding more in the coming updates.

Show Rating Box below content

In some cases you want to move the Rating Box to the end of your page (after content), this option is simply for that purpose.

Hide Rating box

In some cases the Rating Box do not play nicely, so we added an option to hide/show the rating box, and have you another way to display it via shortcode. However, it’s highly recommended to display the information for your site visitors.

Rating box shortcode

In case you decide to hide the main Rating Box, but still need to display review information in your review post, use shortcode [ratingbox] in the body of your post editor where you want the Rating Box to show.

The shortcode has its own template which has a simple and light layout to look good in your content body.

Note: You can display the Rating Box via shortcode more than once in your review (this is a good idea if you right long reviews, and you want to include a call to action a few times in your review).

Display Default Gallery Slider

You can use the Media Upload to upload a group of images, then use tick this check box to display a slider of images with one click!

YouTube Video

Use a YouTube video (short link) in this field to display a video in the Rating Box.


If you have your own slider plugin, you can use its shortcode in this field to display the slider in the Rating Box.

Uploading Image

You can upload an image of the product you are reviewing, this image will show inside the Rating Box. We recommend using high quality images.

Screenshot ALT tag

This field is for the image ALT tag.