WPR Using the User Reviews and Rating

The WordPress Reviews plugin has user reviews and rating features. These features can be enabled within the plugin settings. This part of the documentation will walk you through enabling the user reviews and rating system on your site, plus explain important features.

Firstly, there are a few things to check in the plugin settings page:

User rating settings

The screenshot above shows the user rating settings, there are a few things that you can decide here. However, the most important thing is to actually enable the user reviews system, by ticking the first check box. This will enable the user rating system and will display a star rating field in the WordPress comment form as shown below:

User rating stars


Review Criteria

The Review Criteria feature depends on the review details that is provided via the review meta box.

Review Criteria

If you add fields to the review criteria, the plugin will allow users/visitor to submit their reviews, rating, and also contribute to the review criteria, it should look like this in the comments form:

User rating range slide

Now, your users (registered users) can participate in the review.

Update User Reviews

Usually, the plugin is able to calculate user ratings once it’s submitted, but in two cases, the plugin won’t update the database:

  1. When a review comment is in moderation (even after it gets approved)
  2. When a review comment review is deleted.

This explains the existence of the “Update User Reviews” button (in the plugin settings page > User Reviews), which can be used to re-calculate and update the database at any time. You should hit that button after approving/editing/deleting user reviews comments.

Edit User Reviews

If required, you can edit user review and rating by simply editing the comment. (Remember, update user reviews when you are done).