Testimonials Forms

The WP Customer Testimonials has a shortcode that allows you to display a form on your blog so that your customer can easily submit their testimonials. These testimonials will be saved as a draft in the custom post type testimonials, you can then review is and publish it.

The testimonials form uses jQuery validation to reduce mistakes and spam.

Testimonials form shortcode

Simply create a new page -or post- and add this shortcode where you want to display the form.

Use : [testimonials_form]

If you are categorizing testimonials, for example you have more than one product and want to have multiple forms, each form submit to a specific category, then you can add parameter cat=name.

Example: [testimonials_form cat=name]

Where name is the category name.

Also, there is an option in the plugin main settings page to allow you display a select drop list with all categories, you can enable this option to allow your clients to choose the category when they submit their testimonials.

See example of the form on our send testimonials page.