Front-End Reviews Submission Add-on for WP Reviews Plugin

Allow registered users to submit new products review posts straight to your WordPress site as pending for your review. (This add-on requires the WP Reviews plugin)

Simply use a shortcode to display the Reviews Submission form on any page of your choice, this form can be used to allow registered users to submit new products reviews (entries or posts) to your site using the new Front-End Reviews Submission Add-on Plugin. (see a demo of the Front-End Reviews Submission add-on)

Add-on Settings

Once you install the add-on, a new menu item will show under the main Reviews menu:

submit review menu

This menu item will take you to the add-on settings page where you can customize the form:

submit review settings

You can enable or disable fields on your form based on your needs.

Add-on Shortcode

Use: [wpr-submit cpt="custom_post_type_name"]

This shortcode display the Reviews Submission Form anywhere on your WordPress site. To display the form, you can create a new page and add the shortcode in it. You can also add a parameter cpt to define a Custom Post Type. (replace “custom_post_type_name” with the actual Custom Post Type name).

One you publish the page, the form should be displayed and ready for your users to submit product reviews.

submit review form