Writing your first review

The most noticeable feature of the plugins is the ease of use.  All plugins make use of Post Meta, which allows you to easily insert your review and rating information to your blog posts, pages and custom post types.

After activating the plugin, head to your WordPress post editor, you will see a new post meta box for review details, fill the fields where it says (Name, Summary, and select a rating), then save/publish your post, and you are done. You’ve just created your first review.

Author hReview Plugin

This is the Author hReview plugin meta box:

author review settings

WP Reviews Plugin

This is how the WP Reviews plugin meta box looks like:

Review meta box

As you see, the review meta box has a few extra tabs, each of these tabs allow you to add more information to your review. However, they are optional.

WP Rich Snippets Plugin

And, here is how the WP Rich Snippets plugin meta box:


There are many features that you can make good use of.