Display Testimonials

There is two ways to display the testimonials in the WP Customer Testimonials plugin. Widgets and Shortcodes.

So, let’s get you started with displaying testimonials on your blog.

Here is how it looks like:

testimonials explain

Now, read below to learn how to display the testimonials.

Display Testimonials using a Widget

In your WordPress widgets page, you will find a new widget Testimonials, drag and drop it to any of the widget holders on the right side, choose how many testimonials to show at a time, then click save.

testimonials widget

*Note: the Testimonials widget will display testimonials randomly.

Display Testimonials using a shortcode

Here are different ways to display testimonials on your blog:

1) Use [testimonials_tooltip num=5 order=rand cat=cat1,cat2]

  • You can decide how many testimonials to display by adding num=5, and change the number to whatever you like.
  • Also you can change the order of testimonials by adding order attribute (date or rand), for example order=date, the default is set to random.
  • Another cool thing is the ability to display testimonials from a specific category, or more than one category, to do so add cat=catname1,catname2.

2) Use [testimonials_bubble num=5 order=rand cat=cat1,cat2 id=1,2,3]

Or …

3) Use [testimonials_simple id=postid1,postid2 dofollow=yes image=no]

  • Works like the tooltip shortcode, but has different display and style. sing any of the two shortcodes above (2,3) you can display testimonials based on post id, for example add parameter id=1,2,3.
  • You can get creative with this shortcode by reusing it several times to display (for example: only one testimonial each after a few paragraphs), in this case you just need to set the post id that you would like to display id=post_id.
  • You can use parameter stars=no to remove the rating stars

*If you would like to use shortcode in your theme files using PHP code, you can display the testimonials where you want it to show like this:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[testimonials_tooltip]'); ?>

This is it.