Now WP Reviews Plugin Plays Nicely with Disqus Commenting System

I’ve just release a new update for the WordPress Reviews plugin, the latest available version is 1.1.6, which can be downloaded within the Pro member area.

As you may know, the WP Reviews plugin depends on the default WordPress commenting system to enable user reviews. There was a problem with using WP Reviews plugin and the Disqus plugin on the same site, Disqus takes over comment and completely disables WordPress comments, so no more user reviews!

If you are using Disqus commenting system on your WordPress site, then you are going to love this update. 

I’ve tried to disable Disqus on review posts/pages, so now you can safely use Disqus comments and still can use WP Reviews.

The WP Reviews plugin now can detect that you are using Disqus comments plugin on your site, and will try to disable Disqus comments  on your reviews posts/pages, so that by this way you can enable user reviews with no issues. On none reviews, Disqus will keep working like normal.

All Pro members can download the update with their accounts.

If you don’t have a pro account, check out the pricing and secure your account.

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