Because You Asked, We Are Brining Our WordPress Plugins Back


As you might know; at the beginning of May 2015, we decided to close website and stop selling our plugins here. So, we dropped two of our plugins for good and moved on to to continue our support for the WPRichSnippets plugin.

But, things are not going good for our member who are using the Author hReview and WP Reviews plugins, many of them asked us to keep supporting the older plugins, simply because our plugins are awesome!

We Had A Couple Of Options!

Some of our members asked us to pass the plugins to someone who can takeover, but -for our business- this is not an option, we can’t give away our older plugins to another company and let them compete with us.

We thought also of releasing the plugins for free, but again… this is not an option. We can’t release our plugins for free and promise to maintain them and provide free support, this will takeover our time and simply kill our business.

These two options is not really good ideas for us, so we felt the need to proceed with another way that should make everyone happy.

Too Many Changes!

We probably are making too many changes in a short period of time to our business plan, maybe this is not a very good idea as this could hurt the business. But it’s what our members want. We don’t want to upset anyone.

Fortunately, we listen to our members!

So, we decided to respond by turning the engines and bringing back to business with a small exception for the WPRichSnippets plugin, we will take it and all its add-ons off the package.

What’s The New Plan?

Here are a few points that we’ve thought of:

1- Author hReview and WP Reviews plugins

We will bring back Author hReview and WP Reviews plugins. We will provide full support for those two plugins here at and continue their improvement like we did before.

2- The WPRichSnippets plugin

We will take WPRichSnippets plugin off the package and sell it separately along with its add-ons over at the new website.

Why? Because WPRichSnippets plugin works and stores its data in a different way than the other plugins, so selling it on its own website removes the hassle, and allow us to provide automatic plugin updates and awesome support.

Slowly, we will move all our members accounts who are using the WPRichSnippets plugin to the new site.

What We Are Trying To Do?

We believe that people want plugin platforms so they can build on top of it, not just plugins!

We try to provide a plugin platform, not just a simple WordPress plugin. That’s why we developed WPRichSnippets, to be a platform for other developers to build on top of it, extend its functionality by creating their own add-ons (just like those we have created), and integrate it in their WordPress themes.

I actually did a mistake by not telling you enough about the WPRichSnippets plugin, so I am going to publish a few articles in the coming weeks and extend the plugin documentation to cover what this awesome plugin does, how to get the best of it, and why you should use it on your WordPress website.

I hope this will make our members happy, and thank you so much for your great support, everyone.



    I don’t know if I can fully express how awesome WP Reviews is, and how easy it is for site visitors to leave their own star ratings if they choose to or not is one of the biggest features.

    I, for one, am happy to continue supporting WP Reviews, and would not hesitate recommending WP RIch Snippets for folks whose site needs it might fit better than mine.

    (running off to do a real happy dance now!)

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