What We’ve Been Working On & What to Expect in the Coming Weeks!


We strive to become number one in the industry, that’s why we have been working hard in the last a few months to make the WP Rich Snippets plugin more awesome. Today, I am going to share with you a sneak peak of our 2015 plan and tell you about all major changes we are going to implement to our business model in the coming weeks.

A New Home for Our Site

Ok, so we’ve started AuthorhReview.com about three years ago, the website actually did pretty well in serving our plugins and delivering support. We had to make a couple of extensive updates and re-design for the site to make things better. However; after the release of WP Rich Snippets and the growth in number of add-ons it became a mediatory to get a whole new fresh start for our site.


What we do is more than helping our members to build reviews websites, it’s going more towards SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So, we feel that our message became outdated! It need to be enhanced and focused, it needs to include our feature goals.

To do so; we had to choose between one of two possible options. The first option was to re-construct our website and try to make things more clear. The second option is to get a whole new website, fresh membership management system, and take our support to a higher level.

We decided to go with the second option as it will involve using better tools on our website, which mostly will enhance user experience and the way things works.

We will be switching our system to Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP, we’ve been looking into be more native to WordPress.

We are also considering moving to a new domain name!

The WP Rich Snippets Plugin

The WPRS plugin (WP Rich Snippets) is the most advanced plugin in our package, it has great features and -more importantly- it’s functionality can be easily extended by add-ons. We have been moving slowly in our development path towards the WP Rich Snippets. So, it’s highly recommended to our new coming members to use it on their websites.

We are brining a new whole licensing system, and introducing automatic plugin updates, the most waited feature!

What About Our Other Plugins?

Mostly, we won’t be adding any new features to our older plugins (Author hReview Pro, and WP Reviews), I am sorry to say that, but we will have to let them go!

However, we will keep supporting the plugins till we make sure that all of our members have made the switch to WP Rich Snippets. We already created an automated tool to make the switch easy, but we will have to go though some deep testing first before releasing it to all of our members.

Licenses and Pricing

So, here I will get a couple of questions answered…

1- Is there going to be a price change?

Yes, we will probably make a slight change in prices, this won’t affect our already members. We will share more details about this latter on.

2- Are you going to sell add-ons separately?

No, at least not at the beginning, we just want to make things easier, so we will have a couple of licenses that includes access to all add-ons.

Affiliate Program

As we are moving everything, we will have to use a new affiliate program system, we are testing out the new AffiliateWP plugin, it looks great and dose the job perfectly.

So, if you are part of our affiliate program, you will need to switch to the new program when it’s ready.

Thank You

We would love to thank all our members for being awesome, we really appreciate your business and great support.

If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below, and I will get back to you with a respond.


  1. This is great news Hesham!!
    I’m glad I already switched to the WP Rich Snippets plugin – it is amazing and I’m looking forward to the new add-ons that might be coming soon too.

    • Thanks Steve,

      It wasn’t an easy decision, but it will certainly make things better, so I am trying to make this move smooth as possible!

  2. Will features from WP Reviews be included in WP Rich Snippets Pro? If not, will anyone else be taking over WP Reviews?

    WP Reviews is great, because it has the editor review alongside the user reviews, and this is key since Google confirmed last year that they will not index tabbed content, or any content that they consider “hidden from users”.

    So Rich Snippets having no other option besides tabs makes it useless for for people with SEO concerns for their reviews… which is why I went with WP Reviews on my sites instead. Taking WP Reviews away from me (eventually) is a sad thing, because there are no other viable reviews plugins that simply work as expected.

    Please don’t drop WP Reviews… or at least make Rich Snippets use the features from Reviews that make it more Google-Friendly than Rich Snippets by far.

    • Hi Summer, I hear you!

      Most of WPReviews features is already included in WPRichSnippets plugin. The main challenge we faced with WPReviews is the extensibility, the plugin grows to a point that is really hard to extend its functionality.

      So, we needed a new platform, hence we’ve built the WPRichSnippets to be highly extensible, I think of it as a base framework that can be extended by themes and other plugins, which means great features.

      We are not dropping the WPReviews plugin support, at least not yet, so do not worry! We will keep it up for our members, but it will not be available for new members.

      By the way, there are no more tabbed content in WPRichSnippets, it has been removed in an earliest update after reported by one of our members. However, I didn’t have any issue with the tabs, Google was able to cruel it all the way!

      Well.. I am thinking of entries with 100-500 user reviews, or even a 1000s user reviews… How you expect this to be displayed on the same page?!

      That’s why I think we will have to go with paged user reviews at some point, but make it an option for user to decide.

      • So, a future version of Rich Snippets will have the user ratings feature working? That was also something I couldn’t figure out how to get working at the time (and also again in another test this afternoon).

        As for displaying user ratings, how about a way for the admin to select how many to display, then if people want to read more, they click a link to see all the reviews in a separate page, similar to how Amazon.com displays their user reviews?

        The admin could choose to display 10 or 25 user ratings, either most recent, or random, or highest ratings, then there’d be a link for someone to click to read a full display of all reviews. Technically it’s not hidden content, it’s its own separate page, yet it won’t make the original post too unwieldy.

        Just a thought 🙂

        I really do love WP Reviews, btw… sad to see it has a short shelf-life.

  3. Ah! No wonder you’ve been quiet. Something good was cooking. EDD and AffiliatesWP is definitely a great combination. Would the prices go up? Will definitely want to inform more people to get a licence before the prices changes

    • Hi Leo,

      Prices will have a slight change, not necessary an increase.

      However, the biggest change will be in the way we manage add-ons sales, we are not going to sell add-ons individually (especially at the beginning).

      So, add-ons will be part of the higher license levels, for example; the Personal (single site) license will not gain you access to add-ons, you will need to purchase a Professional option to get the add-ons.

  4. Hi Hesham,

    Great news (about the success of your plugin leading to better things).

    Have you planned as discussed for the WPRS to have a way to manage sets of criteria for different types of products. This is the only thing holding me back from using it on larger sites. If you’re reviewing different sets of products & / or services it gets super difficult to maintain.

    All the best with EDD, superb solution, looking forward to seeing how you put that together. Your site is already really good.


    • Hi John,

      Yes, I am consider the sets or grouped criteria, I just have to make several tests before this could happen. I am pretty sure we will find a way 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Glad to hear you are streamlining the product range. I always found it a little confusing as to which plugins did which. Although they were all good in their own ways.

    If you could add the info box that sites at the top of a post of the WP Reviews plugin to the Rich Snippets that would be great.

    Good luck with the relaunch. If you plan on starting an active blog on the site and need a writer, you know where I am.

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your suggestions, I will keep that in mind, actually I am experimenting some cool ideas to allow users to build the Box template by their own, and let them decide which element to display on each entry.

      Sure thing, I will do.

  6. Good to hear that something big is coming.

    This is going to make a big difference for people who are running review websites.

    I have one question.

    Will AuthorhReview Pro users be able to export the data and import to WP Rich Snippet?

    Please guide me.

    • Thanks Kulwant,

      Yes, exporting the data will be done via a special tool we’ve created, it will be released soon after doing some testing.

  7. Hesham,

    This sounds like a great move – and WPRS is an incredible plugin so it definitely makes sense to focus all of your efforts on that plugin (aswell as it’s add-ons).

    Looking forward to see how things develop!

    • Hey Adam,

      I think about this as a way to push productivity, I am excited to share with you the new site 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your support.

  8. From what I saw (I may be wrong), only reviews Rich Snippets are supported by WPRS. Are there plans to support other snippet types, like products and events?

    • Hi Thomas,

      The WPRichSnippets plugin supports:

      – Reviews
      – Product
      – Organization
      – Restaurant

      Plus their sub markups, and four options for Reviews to be used depending on the chosen type (example: Rating, Percentage, Votes and User Aggregate reviews type).

      And in the coming update, we will add support for Software Application schema type. Actually, the plan is to support the most common used schema types, so yes we have Events on our to do list.

  9. Nice to here that Hesham. Definitely This idea will rock.
    This WP Rich Snippets plugin looks amazing, i haven’t used it, but now i have to check it out.

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